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Inclusive Customer Experience Assessements

Get rid of the friction in your customer experience. Improve your conversions

You’d be surprised how much friction exists in the customer experience most brands deliver for people from underrepresented and underserved communities.


As a result, conversion rates suffer. Customer success suffers. And retention suffers. No bueno.

When you deliver experiences that demonstrate you understand the identities and communities you want to serve, not only will more of them feel like they belong with you, but conversions, customer success, and retention will all increase.

Not sure about how to eliminate the friction in your customer experience for people who don’t neatly fit into what’s considered to be “mainstream”? 

An inclusive customer experience assessment will show you where to focus your energy.

Inclusive marketing enables you to include more people and show them that they belong with you. It also has a direct impact on your business results. Understanding common points of friction throughout the customer journey for people from underrepresented and underserved communities, will equip you to implement solutions that result in better outcomes for both the people you want to serve and your brand.

How the Assessments Work

Current Buyer Personas

Who you choose to be as your customer sets the foundation for every other decision you make, and greatly impacts the customer experiences you deliver. I'll audit your customer experience through the lens of the people you've chosen to serve. Depending on the package you select, that could include doing a deep dive to better understand the customer journey of people you want to serve from underrepresented and underserved communities are different.

Internal Systems

Your internal systems and processes are what enable you to consistently deliver frictionless customer experiences. I'll audit your internal systems to ensure they support you in delivering inclusive experiences that deliver the outcomes you desire. Some of these systems include your brand guidelines, review and approval processes, and even team training. Depending on the package you select, this could include interviews with your internal team to better understand their workflow and needs.

Customer Experience

Everything communicates. I'll audit the various components of your customer experience to identify areas to remove friction for the customers you want to serve. This includes a review of your website, social media, marketing assets, your actual product, email marketing funnel, and your customer service and support channels. Depending on the package you select, that will include user testing and feedback from your ideal consumers with various identities.

Findings & Reco's

To close out the assessment, you'll receive a detailed report with findings and recommendations of your internal systems and customer experience audit. The recommendations will include immediate fixes, along with mid-and longer-term recommendations to enable you to deliver better experiences that improve outcomes overall.

How consumers from various identities react to the customer experiences brands deliver (user testing examples):

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