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Ep. 23: How Consumers Want You to Celebrate Heritage Months with Arturo Gutierrez

Welcome to Inclusion and Marketing, the show that’s all about helping you win the attention, adoration and loyalty of more consumers, especially those with differences that are often ignored by brands. I’m your host, Sonia Thompson, a marketer and someone with a lot of differences. Let’s get to it.     

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Key Points

*Why brands should consider celebrating heritage months for diverse communities

*How you should be thinking about the people who are buying your product

*Why so many diverse communities are indifferent to heritage month campaigns, and what to do about it

*What you should and shouldn’t be measuring as it relates to heritage month celebrations

*How brands should think about the objective of heritage month campaigns

*How to ensure your heritage month celebrations leave a lasting impact

* What diverse communities want from brands during heritage months and beyond?



Access the full transcript of the episode here.

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Until next time. Remember, everyone deserves to have a place where they belong. Let’s use our individual and collective power to ensure more people feel like they do.

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