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Ep. 79: How smart brands strategically partner with HBCUs

HBCUs, or Historically Black Colleges and Universities are a big part of Black culture in the U.S. Often times when brands want to engage the Black community as consumers or a source of talent — partnerships and campaigns with HBCUs feels like low-hanging fruit.

But the way most brands approach the work they do with HBCUs is quite superficial. It very much feels like they are checking a box or following some pre-determined playbook for how to reach the Black community. So their efforts don’t always make the impact they are looking for.

But there are some brands who are doing it right. In this episode, recorded live at the INBOUND conference, I sat down with Dr. Dana Williams-Johnson a marketing professor at Howard University, and Dr. Yuvay Ferguson, former dean at Howard University, and we chatted through smart ways brands are strategically partnering with HBCUs, and how you can get started as well.


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