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Ep. 50: How to Get Better Consumer Insights for Underserved Communities

Capturing consumer insights are an important part of any brand that wants to serve customers well. It’s an important lever in developing a deep degree of customer intimacy that enables you to deliver products, services, and experiences that make the people you serve feel like they belong with you.

But all consumer insights aren’t created equal.

And as you work engage consumers from underrepresented and underserved communities, having a deep degree of understanding of their experiences, their dreams, desires, fears, and frustrations, and how those all may be different from those in the masses is essential.

But too often, brands don’t adapt their approach to capturing insights to enable them to get both the depth of insights and understanding of them to make effective decisions.

In this episode, I chat with Renita Bryant, CEO if Sights Set Consulting, a consumer-centric market research consultancy, about how to incorporate inclusion into your market research processes to ensure you get the insights you need.

Key points discussed:

  • The role insights play in building an inclusive brand
  • Why representation matters throughout the entirety of the market research process
  • Why brands need to move away from the general market approach when it comes to research
  • How to ensure you’re able to effectively act on the insights you gain in your campaigns with diverse communities
  • Best practices for getting insights from underrepresented and underserved communities
  • How biases negatively impact the insights you capture
  • How to ensure you get a diverse cross-section of people in your research studies


Sights Set Consulting


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