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Ep. 51: How to Create Inclusive Content That Makes More People Feel Seen with Natasha Pierre

Publishing inclusive content is a smart way to make more of the people you serve feel like they belong with you. But far too many brands produce content that makes people feel “othered” or where they can’t even see themselves or who they aspire to be. No bueno.

In this episode, Natasha Pierre, video coach, strategist, and host of The Shine Online podcast covers how to make your content more inclusive so you can make more people feel seen and build a more diverse customer base.

Key points

  • How video content has changed the way people buy
  • How brands often make consumers feel “othered” which pushes them away
  • How to build a diverse customer base
  • How to create a customer experience that makes the people you serve feel seen
  • How to be inclusive with your video content when you’re the face of your brand
  • Why how you talk about things in your content matters in whether or not people feel like they belong with you
  • How to use video content to increase your authority and visibility
  • Why we need more creators from underrepresented communities to show their faces in content
  • Why it’s the responsibility of marketers and creators to change the narrative


Shine With Natasha


Find the full episode transcript here.

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