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Ep. 54: Creating Inclusive Influence Marketing Campaigns with Tinashe Chaponda

These days more brands are leaning into influencer marketing campaigns. The good news is that inclusion is starting to become a bigger part of the conversation in this area. However, there are still a few challenges that exist that need to be tackled to do inclusive influencer marketing the right way.

To help you navigate how to build inclusive influencer marketing campaigns the right way, I sat down with Tinashe Chaponda, an influencer marketing expert and Sosani Studios agency owner.


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About Tinashe

Tinashe Chaponda is an influencer marketing expert and Sosani Studios agency owner. As the head of Sosani Studios, the agency focuses on top funnel and growth marketing campaigns for brands that leverage influencers and their social platforms. Some of Tinashe’s most successful projects have been Cash App America 48-State Tour, COMPA USA Tour with Warner Brothers & Dwayne the Rock Johnson, plus over 100+ other brand campaigns.

The agency also has a talent management division, managing emerging creators from Justi Schmidt, TyAna White, Kayla Malec, and many more. Prior to being an agency owner. Tinashe was a former YouTuber who grew his channel to 25k subscribers with 30 million channel views and worked with brands such as Plato’s Closet and Coco International.

His ultimate mission is to empower brands and creators and create an impact within the Creator Economy.


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