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Ep. 70: Growth through Spanish translation: Best practices for reaching customers that speak different languages

We are finishing up our growth series with this episode that is all about helping you and your brand communicate in a way that wins the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers who speak a different language.

For this episode, I chatted with my Spanish translation team – Alicia and Andrea. Together, we help brands communicate and create love connections with Spanish speaking consumers.

Spanish is the fourth most common language spoken in the world, behind English, Mandarin, and Hindi. And it is the second largest number of native speakers in the world – only behind Chinese.

So if you want to reach more consumers – thinking about how you communicate and serve people who speak Spanish is a smart thing to do.

Now if your goal isn’t to reach Spanish speakers, but for people who speak other languages, this episode is still for you – because many of the principles we cover are applicable no matter what language you’re looking to translate or localize to – we’re just using Spanish as the reference point.

Specifically – we’re covering topics related to what marketers need to know and the decisions they need to make to ensure what they communicate, how they communicate, and the process to getting to communicating with excellence happens smoothly.

Chat with Sonia about Spanish language translations for your brand


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